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Femspotter’s perspective aligns with feminist and queer theory. She holds a bachelor’s degree in film production and a master’s degree in English literature. Her fundamental thesis involves drawing the distinction between sex (male/female) and gender (masculine/feminine). Sex is a fixed state; gender is a subjective assumption.

Fem thinks that in a perfect world the assumption of gender would NOT exist at all: we human beings could be equal individuals capable of the various acts that make us happy and don’t hurt others. Then we would not  have expectations for the sexes; we wouldn’t fear homosexuals, lash out at women and demand that boys don’t cry.

Fem thinks that feminism is for everybody, men and transsexuals included. She believes that women’s empowerment is the key to our salvation and that women need to take responsibility for our actions. Fem is NOT a “blame all men/fear all men” theorist.

Fem is a professional writer in the New York Metro area. She is currently an active blogger and working on a novel and screenplay in her “spare” time. She is also mother to a beautiful toddler girl.

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